How to read field's report ?

By . Adel Abdel-shafik.

professor of ophthalmology. Ain Shams University. Cairo. Egypt

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If you follow the letters of the word WANDER your can read a field efficiently.



What was done ?

1.Test area :

60o, 30o , 24o , 10o

2. Strategy

Threshold: Fastpak………
Screening: ……….
Fast test : SITA -


Accuracy : how accurate test was done?

1.Fixation loss

2. False positive

3. False negative

4. Short term fluctuation

Normal or abnormal :

is the report normal or abnormal ?


Display or results

1. Gray scale

2. Numerical

3. total deviatoion

4. pattern deviation

5. Global indices

Mean Deviation (MD)

Pattern Standard Deviation (PSD)

Corrected Pattern Standard Deviation (CPSD)

Short Term Fluctuation (SF)

Defect pattern :

now you can check the pattern of field defect e.g. within arcade area, with nasal step, respect horizontal line, respect vertical line, etc

Evaluate compatible disease :

now if the pattern shown points to particular diangosis e.g, glaucoma, neurological disease start to evaluate the fields to accept or rule out the possible diagnosis


Review :

lastly review the letrature for fields of simillar condition and compare your diagnoses.



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